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Creating outstanding,

vivid and long-lasting 

architectural photographs


茭白工作室Coppak Studio由摄影师朱雨蒙创建于北京。





Coppak Studio was founded in Beijing by architecture photographer Zhu Yumeng.


We are dedicated to creating outstanding, vivid, and long-lasting images for contemporary architectural exterior and interior.


Equipped with professional dedication, we intend to jump out of cliche experience and mundane perspectives, and strive to record the buildings at their best within the built environment. Our final vision is to interpret and convey to the crowds the latest going-ons in the architecture society in a way they could appreciate.


We believe truth is the higher level of aesthetics. We always try to instill to the image creating process with our observation of the cultural, historical and human behaviors that surrounds, in the same way that we are attracted by their interrelations. 

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Contacts :

                No.2 Jianguomen Wai Avenue,

                Beijing, China

                (86) 186 0114 1171



                (86) 186 0114 1171


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